Use These Free Websites That Will Help You In Dozens of Ways

Billions of webpages, profiles and Media Content online and it’s still difficult to find great sites, especially ones that don’t add you to a spam list or eventually require a credit card.

I have hundreds book marked and just recently added Google Chrome’s Bookmark Manager. If you haven’t done this but would like to here is a link to information that shows you how to organize and sync your bookmarks across every device you use. My attention span is in negative numbers as I can lose attention even working on multiple screens and devices.

For those of you that suffer from the same attention deficiency that I do and wouldn’t go through this whole page even if you had the time, here is the list of the cool websites I’m covering. I’ll let you know exactly what kind of experiences to expect from these sites. Scroll down past the links if you want to hear how these sites worked for me.   – Amazon and Netflix Movie reviews, rankings and trailers.  –  Similar to the site above with some different features  –  Send an email with your choice of when the email vanishes, hours, mins, upon opening,etc.  –  Extremely well done recipe site based on what’s currently in your fridge  –  Free educational classes, really free  – Similar to the above site however it covers subjects you wouldn’t normally find  –  A front and rear view of the human body, You click a muscle group and it displays exercizes  – Over 400,000 free digital images and displays  – Resume formatter and creation engine

www.freepik.comFree vector, high definition and .jpg images

www.10minutemail.comCreates an email account for you that vanishes after 10 minutes, (stop spam when you just want the info and no emails after that).  – Actually closes online accounts for good –  Perfect for ordering pizza or most other things with coupons in your zip code or city  – Create your own comic strip by just pointing and clicking  – Connects to your Amazon account wishlist and alerts you on availability and price reductions  – Every manual for every device you own  – Add a youtube link to a video and it will create an animation out of your video  – Learn 22 different languages free with a quiz to adapt the training to you  – Company phone numbers that will get you to a human being  – This site gives you everthing about your days on earth from the day you were born.

I’m going to demo the sites in the same order they are listed above, Starting with CineSift.


Unless you think way back, way back, to the TV’s that you could improve the picture by substituting a coat hanger for the antenna. Even TV networks and satellite TV are past their primes now. it easy to forget how spoiled we are with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. I’ve been so spoiled by them that occasionally I’ll find myself flipping around like I can’t find anything good to watch. Compared to this free website I couldn’t find what was worth watching. This site is extremely well done. You can choose only movies on Netflix or on Amazon Prime or movies on either one or both, you can also choose by genre, year and reviews.

Well, Netflix and Amazon do it but not near as good as this site does. This site shows the movie poster, gives a synopsis and brief overview plus reviews from:

Rotten Tomatoes Scores
Audience Rating scores
IMDB Audience Scores
Letterboxd Scores
Metascore Score
They also have their own score taking all of other ratings and a create combined overall score of its own

I wanted to give it a real test so I tested it on Amazon in the Science Fiction genre. There’s no chance there is a SciFi  movie worth watching on Amazon that I haven’t seen. I set the filters and the top movies that pop up are:

“ET”? that is a fantastic movie, but Ha, I’ve seen it!!

Next, “The Lobster”??…. with Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz?? I’ve never heard of this movie. What is The Lobster? Is this really a science fiction movie?  I’ll admit, I’m biased right away as I have had a crush on Rachel Weisz since I saw “Runaway Jury” plus quite honestly I was looking forward to seeing Colin Farrell act. This movie was so weird and so well done that it surprised me. I still have a crush on Rachel but now I’m a big fan of Colin Farrell, he did a great job.  John C. Reilly is in the movie too and as always he was awesome. Watch The Lobster and check out this site.



“Can I stream it” is a great site for all the other types of online shows like TV Shows, Documentaries, etc.


Get Human

This site by itself can save you a ton of frustration. It gives you the phone number for most companies that actually takes you to a human being at the other end of the line. I figured I’d give it a real test and I type in Google:

You can see all the different departments it’s giving me then I pick one and get this alert:
STOP. Don’t Call Google, Nobody Picks Up. That’s what I figured would happen but at least this site was honest so we wouldn’t have to wait and listen to 20 minutes of ringing, still no answer. Get Human also has a service where you tell them your issue, etc. and they will do all the phone/email work for you. to get it taken care of.



I liked this site right away because the example they use is sending a passive aggressive email to someone at work that then can’t be forwarded to human resources. You can create a message and set the exact time, date or action that causes it to self- destruct. An hour, a day, once it’s read, etc. Give it try.

This is the note I received a link to in my email.

It has the message,

The time the message will vanish

A Destroy Note Now Button

Great way to send private emails or leave yourself secret messages



I love to cook and am actually pretty good. I’ve always loved it so after playing with this site for a while I was extremely impressed. They have an extremely extensive check list of vegetables, fruit, meat, condiments, you name it. You check what you have available and it will give you a couple of kick ass recipes that only require what you have on hand, with the hundreds of options available I went with the less is more strategy and simply checked mushrooms and chicken.
It came up with these recipes that included one or both of the ingredients I checked.

Makes me wonder what it would have come up with if I had added barbecue sauce. This is the checklist just for the meat section and there are a 20 sections:

There are 20 main categories and every category has dozens of items in it. These are the choices within the Meats category:   

If you want to do something special for someone just check all their favorite foods and see what recipes pop up.



As someone that has spent thousands on online education, digital media and books I was blown away by the free education available on this site. I was skeptical so I signed up just waiting for the first 3 classes to be free then the remaining 17 are $100.00.

I signed up for a fluff class, Essential Statistics for Data Analysis using Excel.

Not only was the entire class free but if you wanted a cert that you took the class they offered a certification for $90. I don’t care about a badge to put on LinkedIn but I could see employers using them for teams or even departments. Needless to say I was a huge fan;…. well am a huge fan I’m just blown away by this next site. I don’t think they could have done it any better. Starting with the name:


No Excuse List 

No Excuse is right! You can literally learn anything you want from introductory classes to hardcore coding. A friend of money told me about this guy that was making $2,000 a month at a dead end job so he started going to Code Academy,(they are linked to from this site),  he completed all the classes he needed to be able to code in 9 months. In month 10 he got a job making $4,000 a month with lots of upward mobility. FREE!!!


 Muscle Wiki

This site is fantastic and a little annoying at the same time because of the way it hammers away at excuses. They show an outline of the muscle groups in the human body both front and back:

You click on the muscle group you want to work on. I clicked on the abdominal muscles. They highlighted in red, then wham! A half dozen Ab workouts with an animated guy doing the exercises and bullet points to help get em right. I clicked around all of the muscle groups and I couldn’t find the one that showed a guy sitting on a couch lifting his arm up and down, up and down drinking a beer.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In 2014 the New York Met released over 400,000 high-resolution images on the web that you can use in projects or simply go through all of the different exhibits.



If you need to update your resume this is a great site that spins up all kinds of different styled resumes based on the information you enter.

If you are looking to put together information to present to potential employers actually LinkedIn is where you should be spending your time especially since you can export your linkedIn info to a formatted resume document. Click Here to Optimize Your LinkedIn Page



I’m thankful for sites like this one that give you 10’s of thousands of free images you can use online.

The main reason I’m thankful for this site and the next one is there are now previous ambulance chasing attorneys that upload hundreds of images to Google images just waiting for someone to use one in their website or a newsletter and they sue em. I have known 2 people that were sued for $20,000 but the sweetheart of a law office settled for $2,000. Be careful and use sites like these.

You can get images, icons, even vector images you can use for free. (vector images are images that don’t pixelate as you increase them in size)




This is a fantastic site that just like Freepik has thousands of free HD images you can use all submitted by photographers and some of these people are extremely talented:



10 Minute Mail

This site can save you all kinds of spam and unwanted emails. You’re looking at a site and before you can check out what’s inside or get the PDF you’d like it requires and email and confirmation. Here comes 10 minute mail, all you need to do is go the site, it will generate and give you an email address with the corresponding inbox. You confirm your new account or download the PDF you wanted and the poof the email address and inbox are gone.


Account Killer

If you have ever tried to cancel, close or get rid of an online profile you know it can seem like it’s impossible. Account Killer will help you completely delete any profile from Skype to Facebook to Google:



Retail Me Not

This site will pull up all the coupons and specials in whatever area you tell it too. Here is an example looking for pizza in Bellevue. You can choose the store you want and even what kind of discount you want; percent off, dollars off, buy one get one free, etc.



Strip Creator

This may be the funnest site in this list but it’s not what you think. This is a site that has made creating a comic strip as easy as clicking a mouse. It’s simple point, click and type and you have created your own comic strip. The site opens to a list of comics created by other site members:

Once you click make a comic, strip creator takes it from there and displays all the different options you have to create your comic strip,(you don’t even have to set up an account):



Camel Camel Camel (Amazon Price Tracker)

This is a great site to give yourself an excuse to buy those boots you really want.

Look the price dropped again!! This is also great site to use as a Christmas list manager.


Manuals Library

I never keep manuals, let alone read them but literally everything you buy now is connected to your wireless network and has a built in computer, from your home security system to your coffee pot. I’m as bad as anybody and  pretty much send the manuals out in the recycle bin with the Amazon box they came in.

Ok, I’ll test this site, let’s see, here on the desk, what’s the printer model I have here: HP 8610…I don’t remember if this printer had a manual, let’s wait and see what this site comes back with anything.


After I type it into the site…………, Yeah I guess it did, a 264 page one, then another one 48 pages, and another 11, then 121, then …finally something I might actually read, a 2 page brochure. Wow, this site is no joke. Just to make sure I downloaded the 264 pager and there’s no sign up, no garbage, just a download PDF button. Now that I have it I’m sure I’ll be reading it cover to cover.



This is one of my favorites. You can take any youtube video link and it will turn it into an animation. A picture that looks like a video.

I used the video I shot of my brother when we were figuring out the new PlayStation VR. The fact is that just about everybody carries a video camera with the option to upload to youtube built right in. Using that and this website you can literally make unlimited animations.

Here is the video on youtube:

This is the 8 second animation that is an image file. That’s why it plays consistently.



I got this alert for about 10 minutes but then it was done, free, no watermarks or anything else.

Cool Site!



This site teaches 22 languages for free. You have to love their tagline, “Learn a language free forever”

This site is for everybody. If you’re not sure why, they show you how many people are currently learning the different languages. 105 Million learning Spanish, 62.1 Million learning French, wait a minute that seems really high for French, anyway, English 342 Million, etc. One thing I wasn’t thrilled about, besides all the people learning French, is that you can’t sign up with an email, it’s either Google or Facebook. Once I started class it didn’t matter anymore, slick interface gives the beginner option or you can take a test and the site will determine what level you should begin learning at.

 I was going to take the test for English to see what level I should start at but I chickened out.

The lessons include speaking, reading and listening exercises.


You’re Getting Old

This one hits a little too close to home for me but I included because most people don’t have the attention spans to make it this far, Congratulations By The Way, and also because it’s pretty cool.

Pretty much right out of the gate; I hate it!, OK It’s actually a really great site and the initial insults weren’t that bad. I input my date of birth. I decided to play it straight so I used my real birthdate.

Bam! My birthdate pops up with the years, months and exact days I’ve been alive.
The exact number of days, 19,216 then the fact that if you combine the ages of a Caroline Wozniacki, a Danish professional tennis player I’ve never heard of with Selena Gomez, an actress and singer I have heard of, they match my age.

Why couldn’t it have been Joe the garbage collector and Milly the gal that works at the DMV?

Now I’m informed I’ve had 1,378 candles burned on my birthday cakes up to now
I’ve take 421,988,8661 breaths in total
The moon has orbited over 700 times
When I was born there was 3.4 Billion people on earth now there are 7 and a half billion The millions and billions of miles I’ve traveled on earth as it travels around the sun and through the universe.

Then it goes into the major events from when you were an


In your 20’s In your 30’s In your 40’s Etc.

Finally, it looks like this nightmare is over when it shows milestones by thousands of days. At least the last graph is re-assuring it says out of the 100,000 people born on my birthday 91,203 are still living. I know being in the top 91% out of 100 is nothing to brag about but it made me feel a little better and I was thinking, this site ends on an OK note….. I hadn’t scrolled to the last graph yet……..

Over 86% of visitors to this site are younger than you.

The average visitor is 33. AHHHhhhhhh….. #@$#%#%^!!!!   But really, awesome site to run on someone else, maybe as a birthday card.


I really hoped you like this little cool websites report and if you would like this as a PDF or information on how to manage Chrome and your bookmarks just register below:


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